The European Public Law Organization (EPLO) is an international organization established in 2007. Its main mission is to strengthen European values, the principles of European public law (public law, in its broad sense, constitutes the relations between individuals and state institutions as well as the interaction between state institutions) and best European practices for democratic governance.

Georgia joined EPLO in 2010. In 2018, preparatory work for establishing the EPLO regional branch in Tbilisi had begun. On August 1, 2021, the branch was officially inaugurated. The joint decision of the Government of Georgia and EPLO to establish the regional branch in the capital of Georgia aimed at activating an international research-educational instrument in support of Georgia’s integration into the community of European nations. Apart from Georgia, the branch also covers the regional neighbor countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The present program offers the knowledge about the European Union which is imperative for comprehending the EU as a unique international player, its institutional setup and decision-making toolbox, etc.

The program is not designed in accordance with the traditional approach for shaping similar EU-related trainings and is not focus on EU-related historic-technical details. Instead, the program offers specific and essential elements of the functioning of the Union which enables program participants to further deepen their knowledge and makes it easier to navigate within the complex EU-related administrative and legal procedures. The program is strictly based on EU current practices and legislation, including the EU founding documents and subsidiary legal acts.

The program is bilingual and consists of Georgian and English language parts. The English part will make participants familiar with EU terminology which, in turn, will simplify for them further exploring of EU official documents.