The objective of the Capítulo Brasileiro is to develop public law and governance in Brazil in a dialogue with the all other activities of the EPLO in all possible ways and more in particular inter alia to:

  • Contribute to the respect of the principles of Euro-Brazilian cooperation, aiming at establishing conditions for peace, stability, security and shared prosperity for the whole of the trans-Atlantic world and all its peoples.
  • Contribute to the better understanding and comprehension of the peoples in Europe and Brazil.
  • Promote the scientific togetherness of public lawyers in Brazil, along with the Europeans.
  • Promote the dialogue between cultures and civilizations for a better understanding and for peaceful coexistence.
  • Offer the necessary know-how on Brazilian matters, via Consultative Opinions or other appropriate means, to authorities, organizations, institutions etc, when requested.
  • Encourage a permanent dialogue and undertake studies, research, seminars, publications, projects, meetings, conferences, exchanges and cooperation on all issues of interest for the whole region.
  • Establish contacts with relevant institutions, public authorities and services, public and private organizations, physical and moral persons of different countries in the area.
  • Encourage all efforts in order to promote programs and projects for exchanges of young people and students.
  • Establish appropriate structures, at the level of post-graduate studies, aiming to encourage study and research on relevant issues and awarding degrees on relevant topics.
  • Promote the establishment of a Brazilian Branch of the European Group of Public Law under the name of Capítulo Brasileiro of the EPLO, regrouping the best scientific and reform forces in the region and the organization of an annual Reunion similar to the one of the European Group of Public Law.

The Capítulo Brasileiro shall have an Executive Committee of 5 members under the Presidency of Professor Celso Lafer.

The Capítulo Brasileiro shall have its Headquarters in the Fundação Fernando Henrique Cardoso in Sao Paulo

Fundação Fernando Henrique Cardoso

The EPLO has established a close link in Sao Paulo, Brasil with the Fundação Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FFHC). The two organizations will work to achieve the goals shared by both Organizations by identifying areas of activity. To that end, the FFHC will play a coordinating role in developing the EPLO in Brazil, will host its activities and work and determine the foundation and the development of the Capítulo Brasileiro of the EPLO, helping to bring together and around the EPLO the best academic, judicial, political, diplomatic and in general public spirited forces of Brazil in terms of equality, mutual respect, friendship, cooperation, commitment and belief in a Global, transatlantic concept of public law and governance without exclusions for reasons of gender, political considerations in a democratic perception of the societies, religions, etc.