The EPLO office in Rome is hosted at the spectacular Palazzo Altemps.

The EPLO maintains Οffices worldwide, supporting the Headquarters of the EPLO in its constant effort to create and disseminate knowledge in the area of public law and promote European values through public law around the world. All Regional Offices support the project work and the proposals of the EPLO by giving the respective scientific input.


At the helm of the EPLO Office in Italy stands Professor Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella, LUISS UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL, as Director of the Office. The Director represents the EPLO Office in Italy and is entrusted with the responsibility of taking all necessary actions to fulfill its objectives. Such leadership serves as the guiding force behind the office’s initiatives and EPLO’s strategic decisions.

Research and Administrative team:
The intellectual backbone of the EPLO Office in Italy comprises of a team of dedicated researchers. Their roles encompass a variety of responsibilities, including but not limited to legal research, policy analysis, educational initiatives, collaborative partnerships, and publications. The Rome office is also assisted by a communication officer whose main focus is the dissemination of local activities.