Inauguration of the new EPLO Branch in South Caucasus


Inauguration of the new EPLO Branch in South Caucasus

The branch opening was attended by deputy ministers of Georgia for Education and Justice, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to Georgia, as well as the President of the Caucasus University and representatives of the Tbilisi State University. After the opening ceremony attendees took part in the first working meeting of the branch and discussed EPLO activities in South Caucasus for 2021, as well as composition of the Scientific Council of the branch, etc.

Speakers underlined the importance of the branch in activating the EPLO-Georgia cooperation, as well as for strengthening European Values in South Caucasus, expanding and reinforcing principles of the European Public Law and best European practices for democratic governance.

The meeting approved main priorities of the branch for 2021:

  1. Establishment of the regular current and fundamental research format, involving local and international experts. The main focus of the research will be the EU, its institutional set up, strategies and actions relevant to the South Caucasus, topics related to European Public Law and European best practices for democratic Governance. Through such format the branch will “create a knowledge” on abovementioned topics and offer it to governmental institutions, civil and professional groups.
    The format could be gradually extended to other Eastern Partnership countries, EU Candidate Countries (western Balkans) and EU member states (first and foremost the EPLO members), including through engaging EPLO representations and EPLO institutions.
  2. Establishing capacity building programs, first and foremost for the Georgian civil service representatives, as well as professional and social groups. The programs will mainly be focused on challenges to Georgia’s European Integration process. Some programs will be certified by the EPLO and its institutions. To this end, the regular applied and fundamental research will become a primary source for creating a knowledge which in turn will feed the training programs.
  3. The branch will actively facilitate a professional and qualified public debate in the Georgian society on European agenda topics. This in turn, will be conducive to countering anti-European and anti-democratic propaganda, as well as disinformation on European Union and its role in our region. To this end, wide range of events, such as public lectures, discussions, seminars, webinars, etc. will be utilized, including through engaging local diplomatic representations.
  4.  The branch will actively promote opportunities offered by the EPLO institutions, including but not limited to the European Law and Government School; European Institute for Management and Governance; Training Institute of Law and Governance; Institute for Local Governance and policy innovation; Institute for Sustainable Development, etc. Such opportunities will be offered to the Georgian civil service and high education institutions, as well as professional and social groups.
  5. The branch will facilitate the access of professionals and civil servants to the EPLO scientific-research bases and publications: European Review of Public Law; Central and Eastern European Legal Studies; European Politeia; European Papers, etc.
  6. The branch will invite EPLO representations and member Institutions to participate in events and campaigns in support to Georgia’s European Integration.


Sunday | September 13, 2020

Signing of the Agreement on the Establishment of the EPLO Regional Branch in South Caucasus

signing 3

Signing the Agreement on the Establishment of EPLO in South Caucasus

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Signing the Agreement on the Establishment of EPLO in South Caucasus

On September 13 2020, EPLO on one hand, and the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University on the other, signed Agreement on Establishment of the EPLO Regional Branch in South Caucasus. President Flogaitis signed the Agreement in Athens given travel restrictions and logistical complications related to the Global Pandemic.


Monday | September 07, 2020

Appointment of the Director of the Regional Branch in South Caucasus

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On September 7th the Executive Committee of the EPLO decided and the President of the board of directors and Director of the EPLO Professor Spyridon Flogaitis appointed Ambassador Ioseb Nanobashvili as the director of the Regional Branch. A Note Verbal with respective notification was communicated to the MFA of Georgia.