The Institute for Global Health Emergencies Response (IGHER)

Objectives and scope

The Covid-19 pandemic showed the weakness and unpreparedness of the national systems to protect its citizens and to respond to global health emergencies. It is necessary to be prepared to new pandemics and other kinds of global health emergencies, building the resilience of national health systems on comparison of national and supranational experiences.

The field of interest of the IGHER includes the study and research of situations characterized as global and/or international health emergencies with the aim to identify the instruments to be used for their management, the models of public communication, the best practices used both at legislative and administrative level.


To this end, the IGHER:

a) encourages and (co) organizes analyses, studies, researches, conferences, lectures, seminars, discussions, meetings and publications in the field of health emergencies response. It also stimulates academic, university and public interest in the knowledge, reasoning, theory and management of health emergency systems at national, European and international level;

b) encourages and (co) organizes courses, training programs, practical activities in the field of expertise;

c) provides opinions and prepares reports in the field of expertise;

d) shall take any action necessary to achieve its objectives.