Educational and Research Activity. ELGS Programs.

The ELGS currently offers degree courses in Athens/Greece, Cascais/Portugal, Rome/Italy and Tbilisi, Georgia. The ELGS degree programs focus in European Law and Global Governance and are conducted at times in collaboration with acknowledged Universities and institutions within its global network. Visit the ELGS website for a more up-to-date information.
The EPLO Rome Office’s work includes research activities and programs. Established at the building of the Rome Museum, the EPLO Rome office, shall dedicate a substantial part of its scientific initiatives in the area of public powers and culture.

Institution Building & Technical Cooperation

The EPLO implements a large number of technical cooperation projects which assist governments and institutions all over the world in promoting human rights, the rule of law, democratization processes, law enforcement, public administration reform, sustainable development law, and alignment of national legislations to the EU acquis.
Within this framework, the EPLO’s diverse actions include providing technical legal advice to national authorities, training for judges and civil servants, capacity and institution building directed at modernizing and upgrading public structures and institutions or aiming to the empowerment of civil society and local NGOs, as well as at raising public awareness.
The EPLO applies strategies and innovative solutions according to the international development objectives, each country’s specific needs, national strategic frameworks and unique economic, political and social processes. Selected technical cooperation projects implemented by the EPLO include:

Support to the Institute of Public Administration of Jordan

In partnership with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, the European Public Law Organization spearheaded a transformative initiative to support the Institute of Public Administration of Jordan (IPA). At its core, this project sought to align with the ambitious Modernization Vision of the Government of Jordan, specifically focusing on the objectives outlined in the Public Sector Modernization Roadmap. By bolstering the capabilities of the IPA, this endeavor aimed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Jordan’s public administration sector.
Through these activities, the project has empowered the IPA to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness as a training institution. By improving training tools, materials, and trainers, IPA has delivered higher-quality training and capacity to manage and utilize donor funding and donor-funded projects effectively.

Publication Activity
The EPLO Publications ( comprise of journals, series and stand-alone publications dealing with topical issues of public law.

The Justinian project

That will run under the Presidency of Professor Sabino Cassese, former judge of the Constitutional Court of Italy and President of the European Scientific Council of the EPLO, will translate landmark works of public lawyers from continental Europe of the last two centuries in English and introduce them to the international legal community in an effort to share the “jewels” of the European legal thought with a young wider audience.

The European Journal of History and Culture (EJHC)

a semestrial publication of the EPLO Institute for Humanities and Culture, will form part of the Rome Office activities. The publication will touch upon history and culture of the Eastern Mediterranean, where the ancient civilizations which are now represented in the so-called Greco-Roman civilization were born, in a dialogue with all the cultures of all nations, throughout the centuries.

The EPLO Rome Office undertakes the local organization of events and conferences.

The Institute for Global Health Emergencies Response (IGHER) is based in Rome and will be assisted by the EPLO Rome Office.