With the Academician Prof. Dr. Nedeljko Stanković, Rector of the European University of the District of Brcko

With Ambassador of Italian Republic Mr Nicola Minasi

At the East Sarajevo University

Professor S. Flogaitis was also received by the Minister of Justice Mr. Josip Grubeša and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Josip Brkić who, once again, confirmed Bosnia and Herzegovina’s commitment to the Organization and his willingness to further explore ways for mutually beneficial areas of collaboration in the fields of education, research and technical cooperation.

During the meetings that took place in Sarajevo, Professor S. Flogaitis presented the European Public Law Organization and its work in the fields of education, research and technical cooperation, its active presence in the country through activities and projects and its premises in Brčko and expressed his willingness το strengthen this presence with new collaborations in the above areas.
In Sarajevo, Professor S. Flogaitis had a meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Italy, Mr. Nicola Minasi with whom he discussed the activities of the EPLO in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the possibilities of their expansion through new projects.
The Director of the EPLO also met with Mr. Dzerard Selman,President of the Constitutional Court of the Sebian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other members of the Court, in Bania Luca.

The meeting evolved around the presence and the activities of EPLO in Bosnia and Herzegovina and particularly in Bania Luca and the willingness of both sides to seek collaboration in the areas of education and research was confirmed.
While in Sarajevo Professor S.Flogaitis had a fruitful meeting with professors Milan Kulić, Rector of the University of East Sarajevo Goran Markovic, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Marko Gutalj, Vice-Rector for International relations, Jelena Krunic, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research and Slobodanka Krulj, Coordinator for International cooperation during which the longstanding close collaboration between EPLO and the University was confirmed while new forms of collaboration in education and research were discussed.
In Brčko the Director of EPLO was received by the Mayor mr. Siniša Milić to whom he offered his gratitude for his continuous support and expressed the intention of the EPLO to become fully operational in its Brčko premises through new academic and research programmes.

Director S. Flogaitis also stated that the EPLO is very happy to contribute to the fight of the country against the corona virus by hosting the covid-19 report service in the ground floor of its premise in Brčko for as long as needed for the country to confront with the urgent challenge and protect the local population.

The meeting concluded heartingly with an agreement for the renewal and expansion of the collaboration between the Brčko local authority and the EPLO.

In Brčko Professor S. Flogaitis had a working meeting with the academic professor Dr. Nedeljko Stanković, Rector of the European University of Brčko.

The meeting was held at the premises of the European University and officially marked the beginning of cooperation between these two institutions to include among other things the possibility of introducing joint degree and dual degrees programs in the field of law and public administration as well as in internship programmes and summer schools.

During his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina the Director of EPLO was accompanied by the newly appointed EPLO’S Head for Brčko Mr. Panagiotis Alexopoulos.


Friday, 12 February 2016

EPLO and Brcko district strengthening their cooperation

The Director of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) Professor Spyridon Flogaitis and the Ambassador of Greece in Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Karolos Gadis visited the Mayor of Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr Anto Domic on February 12, 2016 and expressed their gratitude for all his support in the cooperation between the Organization and the government of Brcko District.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member country of the EPLO. The EPLO as an International Organization maintains a regional office at Brcko and in 2010 inaugurated the “National School of Administration of Brcko” (BNSPA) which started to operate a year later providing a European level training to civil servants, judges and officials of local government.

During the meeting, Dr. Domic praised the importance of the presence of the EPLO in the district “because it works on the promotion and dissemination of knowledge related to European public law and promotes cooperation with other institutions and entities” he said.

Professor Spyridon Flogaitis and the Ambassador of Greece in Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Karolos Gadis visited the Mayor of Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr Anto Domic


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The EPLO Director's lecture in Sarajevo themed: "The European perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EPLΟ''

During his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina in May, the Director of the EPLO, Prof. Spyridon Flogaitis delivered a lecture on the topic ”The European perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EPLΟ”, at the University of Sarajevo with which the Organization signed a Memoradum of Understanding

Professor Flogaitis congratulated the current Bosnia and Herzegovina presidency at the Council of Europe, which was initiated in May: “This is therefore, a historic day. I would like to offer my sincere congratulations and wish plenty of success to the Bosnia and Herzegovina presidency.This fact meets the unequivocal, permanent and enthusiastic support of Greece to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s European perspective and confirms the latter’s’ steady European course.”

During his lecture, Professor Flogaitis stated that the EU enlargement policy has played a pivotal role. In particular, the European perspective for the Western Balkan countries that had been shaped in the first EU-Western Balkan Countries Summit, in Thessaloniki, in June 2003, was- as he said-, “a historic and important landmark, that constituted the basis for our everyday work in the context of EU-Western Balkan Countries relations”.
Eleven years later, during the Greek EU Presidency on 8 May 2014, perhaps not by coincidence in that same city (Thessaloniki) the Ministerial Conference of the European Union and the Western Balkans countries took place.

It confirmed once again the European perspective, also focusing on the interconnectivity of the sectors of Energy and Transportation both among Western Balkan Countries and with the EU Member States” as Professor Flogaitis said. He added “It is well known that Greece, the country that took the initiative to propose to the powers of the world the establishment of the EPLO and has offered to host and support its further development, strongly supports the European and Euro-Atlantic perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
It is particularly important that all political leaders along with the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, converge towards this common goal. Professor Flogaitis recalled that in 2012, Bosnia and Herzegovina became the tenth full member of the EPLO, conducting the ratification procedure much rapidly than many other countries.
“In this context we have to say that the EPLO has in some way “codified” an already developed and harmonious cooperation with BiH since many years. In fact,the EPLO Brcko Center is honored to cooperate since 2000 with the whole Public Administration of BiH and especially with the Brcko District Authorities, with a common goal to assist the process of unification of the Judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as to contribute to the Institution Building of the Brcko District Assembly”.
In achieving these goals, the EPLO cooperated in numerous situations with the International Community, Office of the EU Special Representative, as well as with the Office of the High Representative, and via numerous projects and organized visits to District by international experts, daily work with all relevant stakeholders.
The truth is, that the Thessaloniki Agenda and the European perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina built the ideal framework for a strong impetus of the activities of the EPLO” said Professor Flogaitis. He stressed that the EPLO does not only have a history in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the last 15 years, but that he honestly believes that it has a real perspective for an effective future cooperation.


Thursday, 04 October 2012

The EPLO Director Meets with the Deputy Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Director informed the Deputy Minister on the mission and activities of the EPLO in BiH and the world. He said that the Organization brings together the best public law experts in the world and he emphasized EPLO activities related to the protection of human rights. He continued by saying that, besides the current activities on strengthening the institutional capacity of Brcko District, the EPLO is interested in extending the range of its activities in BiH in cooperation with the BiH Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees.

The Deputy Minister informed the EPLO Director on the condition and mechanisms of institutional protection of human rights in BiH, pointing out that the Ministry is interested in cooperation with the EPLO on the protection of children’s rights, improvement of the protection of minorities and the harmonization of legislation with the EU international conventions and provisions, which would be a strong driving force towards the European integration.

The two parties positively evaluated the fact that has BiH singed and ratified the International Treaty establishing the EPLO, which opened the possibility for successful cooperation of BiH institutions and the Organization.

Professor Spyridon Flogaitis, accompanied by the Greek Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Karolos Gadis, met today with the Deputy Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Radmila Mitrovic to discuss joint actions between BiH and the EPLO


Thursday, 04 October 2012

The EPLO Director Meets with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The EPLO Director, Professor Spyridon Flogaitis, met today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zlatko Lagumdzija.

The EPLO Director informed the Minister on the history and goals of the EPLO and the activities of the Organization in BiH during the previous year, such as the participation in the project of judicial reform in BiH and the establishment and support for the Brcko National School of Public Administration (BNSPA).
Moreover, the EPLO Director informed the Minister about the plans of the EPLO for the period ahead and said that the Organization intends to organize a special training program for elected officials of Brcko District, after the elections, with the aim of strengthening their understanding of public policy and coping with the challenges in their work fields.
Except for officials and public servants in the Brcko District, the training will be organized for officials and public servants from across the region, with a view to the BNSPA gradually transforming into an institution of great importance in the Western Balkans and beyond.
The Minister said he was grateful to the EPLO Director for the information, and for the admission of BiH to the EPLO as a member in March this year. He added that he was grateful for the projects implemented in BiH by the Organization, and in this way provided support for judicial reform and institution building in BiH. He also supported the implementation of the presented plans for the future, thereby stating that they will be extremely important not only for Brcko District, but also for the whole country.