Page 5 - Configuration of the Council of the European Union
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Configurations of the Council of the European Union

              The  Council  of  the  European  Union  consists  of  sectorial/line

       ministers of the EU member states. Therefore, it may be convened in
       various formats, be it ministers for foreign affairs, agriculture, finance,

              The  General  Affairs  Council  is  one  such  configuration.  It  is
       mandated  to  discuss  issues  such  as  EU  enlargement,  accession
       negotiations and the EU budget, etc. In the General Affairs Council, EU
       members are represented by European affairs ministers.

              The General Affairs Council has a special mandate to prepare the
       sessions of the European Council. The European Council is a format of
       the heads of states and governments of the EU members and sets the

       strategic  objectives  of  the  Union  as  well  as  the  policies  for  achieving
       such  objectives.  The  European  Council  was  established  in  1975;
       however, as an EU institution, it was formalized by the Lisbon Treaty in

              Another Council configuration; namely, the EU Foreign Affairs
       Council, is chaired by the High Representative of the EU Foreign and
       Security  Policy  who,  at  the  same  time,  is  a  vice-president  of  the
       European  Commission.  Any  other  sectorial  configurations,  be  they

       ministers  of  energy,  environment  or  transport,  are  chaired  by  a
       respective minister for the EU’s president state - the Union is chaired by
       a six-month rotating presidency of the European Union.

       2  The presidency of the Council of the EU
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